KIN Global is excited to announce the Inaugural KIN Challenge 2014!

What is the KIN Challenge 2014?
The KIN Challenge is a new initiative designed to provide a unique opportunity for KIN leaders to engage Kellogg MBA students in developing bold, innovative solutions to big strategic questions about how to scale novel solutions to improve global prosperity. In March 2014 student teams from Kellogg competed to work with Governor John Hickenlooper, Esther Dyson, and Ann Hand and the winning teams are excited to share the outcomes of their efforts. We invite you to meet our KIN Challenge teams first on this page, and get to know them better during the summit.

Who are the 2014 KIN Challengers

Chairwoman, HICCup

In addition to being a tech industry guru and investor, Esther is Chairwoman of HICCup, a community-focused venture seeking to enhance health at scale across the U.S. and beyond, Ms. Dyson is one of the world’s foremost technology analysts, investors and visionaries.

CEO, Project Frog

Named as one of Fortune's "10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs" in 2013, Ann is leveraging Project Frog’s game-changing innovation to grow markets, develop new products and increase brand awareness for its industry-leading smart buildings. She is on a mission to revolutionize how buildings are built and redefine standards for how they perform.

Governor, State of Colorado

John ran for Governor of Colorado in 2010 on a platform to make Colorado the best place for entrepreneurs to grow jobs. He promised a balanced budget plan without raising taxes and a regulatory philosophy that would support economic development while maintaining the highest environmental standards.

Meet Our 2014 KIN Challenge Teams

Team DysonTeam Dyson

Katie Golden (2014)
Lexi Mele-Algus (2014)
Rochelle Ross (2014)
Sheila Shah (2015)

Team Hand
Team Hand

Lu Chen (MMM, 2015)
Phuong Thuy Huynh (2015)
Namrta Raghvendra (2014)
Karn Raj Sinha (MMM, 2014)

Team HickenlooperTeam Hickenlooper

Natalie Baker (2015)
Devi Raja (2015)
Sandeep Satish (2015)
Mukul Sharma (MMM, 2015)

KIN Challenge 2014 Contacts